July 28th 2021 at Kick Butt Coffee

We are very excited and honored to be playing this one. This will be rad af! Get there and get your books signed!

Take off your pants and hold onto your wigs: MOSHPAT is back from the dead!! MOSHPAT are Pat Doyle, Chris Gates, Kathy McCarty, Dotty Farrell and Steve Collier, performing the songs of the Big Boys, Dicks, Offenders, Glass Eye, Doctors’ Mob, and Poison 13. See them LIVE and in-person at KICK BUTT COFFEE, JULY 28th, 7 PM. With special guest stars RAUL’S ROYAL FOOT! I’ll be there too, signing our book and whatnot. A Texas Is The Reason Aftershow Production.

-Pat Blashill

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